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How does it work?

Step 1
Complete our "Get Started" form below.
Step 2
We’ll photograph and list your item(s) until they sell.
Step 3
When your item(s) sell, you get paid!
We’ll decide which items can be sold, and which items need to be donated. Un-sold items will be donated.

Moving, downsizing, or clearing out?

We can help!

Sell, Donate, or Toss?

We can sort your items for $30 an hour if brought to our location, or we can come to you for an additional travel fee . Peddling Post can donate or remove items deemed trash for a $15 fee.

Inventory Intake

Bring your inventory to our location or we can bring a truck for you to load for an additional travel fee . A one time storage fee will be deducted from your first proceedes payment based on how much storage is needed plus a $10 lock fee.
Full Unit - $125.00
Half Unit - $62.50
Third Unit - $31.25

Selling Your Items

Larger items are listed locally for 30-90 days . Smaller items are listed online for up to a year. Buyers are notified when their listings are live. Payouts are generally 30-90 days after listing. Smaller online listings are paid out quarterly in the month following the end of the quarter.

Commision Split

60% Consigner (you) 40% Peddling Post

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Peddling Post handle estates?

Peddling Post can be hired to handle estates. We handle all details including setting up the sales and we can also handle remaining items, post estate sale, to potentially sell on both local platforms and online platforms at our discretion. Sale expenses are the responsibility of the estate/consigner/seller and approved by the estate/consigner/seller.

How much are my items worth?

Peddling Post can be hired to tell you what an item is worth for $15 per item.  We will give you comps on similar items and our assessment of what the item is worth vs. what we believe it will sell for in today’s resell market. Once fee is paid, feedback will be provided within 24 hours Monday – Friday.

Can Peddling Post sort my inventory?

Yes, for $25 per bin (18 gallon bin) of inventory Peddling Post will sort your inventory between items to be sold, items to be donated and items to be trashed.

Your inventory should all be clean, in excellent used condition with no holes, broken pieces or missing parts.

Any inventory we receive with any blemishes will be donated or trashed.

A sorting fee has to be discussed prior to inventory pick up/drop off and paid in advance.

Peddling Post only takes items of value of $25 or greater. If you believe your item is less than $25 in value do not submit it with your inventory!

When will I be paid?

Proceeds are paid the month following the previous month’s end. For example August proceeds are paid by the end of September. September is paid by the end of October. Proceeds are paid via PayPal (for services rendered not as friends/family) or through check. The Peddling Post consigner can choose their preference. Once the choice is made Peddling Post will issue proceeds the same way each month. If you don’t hear from Peddling Post you do not have any proceeds from the month prior.

We do not issue monthly reports telling you what sold but we can give specifics if requested and as time permits.

Do you accept large items such as furniture?

Yes, we accept large items, but we do not sell vehicles, exercise equipment, motorcycles, boats etc.

Will my items be insured?


Is there a limit to how many items I can list?

Yes! The limit is based on the type of items being consigned and determined by Peddling Post.

What kind of items do you suggest to sell?

Sports Equipment
Home Decor
Children’s Clothes
Holiday Decor
Children’s Shoes
Halloween Costumes
Teen/Youth Clothes
Men’s Clothes
Exercise Attire
Exercise Equipment
Infant Items
Art Supplies
Kitchen Utensils
Pots and Pans
Craft Supplies
Art Supplies
Office Supplies
Hair Accessories
Hair tools
Art pieces
Luxury Brand Items

Anything new and/or in excellent used condition! Not something you would throw away but items you still find valuable but no longer need.

What is the life cycle of a listing?

Life cycle is determined by Peddling Post and depends on the type of item being consigned. A consigner has the option of getting unsellable items returned to them or granting Peddling Post permission to donate unsold items to local charities.

Where will you sell my items?

Peddling Post will sell your items using online resources such as: Peddling Post’s Instagram page, Peddling Post’s Facebook page, Ebay, Etsy, and Poshmark.

About Us
Rashel Post loves to get mail. Maybe it’s because of her name; maybe it’s because it means that even in this busy world, we’re all still connected. Through Peddling Post, Rashel helps sellers list and mail items they no longer want or need by connecting them with eager buyers. Have things you know you want to sell? Too busy to list online or take to consignment? Let Peddling Post be your connection.